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alogo Bardahl Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. was set up in Singapore in 2006 as the regional head office to provide comprehensive and timely supports to the Bardahl customers in the region. Besides acting as the logistic hub for the distribution of Bardahl additives made in USA & Europe, Bardahl Asia Pacific produces a wide range of lubricants & additives in Singapore. These include automotive, light & heavy duty vehicles, motorcycles, mining & industrial machinery and marine lubricants & greases. Many of these are specially formulated for the Asia Pacific market requirements.

As happened more than 70 years ago, today, Bardahl Asia Pacific continues the founder’s commitment to quality. Many of the products have received approvals & endorsement from world renowned automobile & equipment makers such as BMW, Daimler, Volvo, Cummins, MAN & Detroit Diesel. Bardahl’s quality control procedure include tracking, testing, identifying and marking all ingredients, so that the consumer using a Bardahl product anywhere in the world can identify a code of each bottle, can, pail or barrel, and from that code, Bardahl has the ability to identify every raw material and component that goes into the product. This attention to details ensures the highest quality throughout the whole production process.

Combining the strengths of Bardahl’s very own revolutionary Polar Plus additive technology and superior hydrocracked base stocks, Bardahl lubricants are gaining widespread acceptance and our market share continue to grow. Large and small companies throughout the world have used Bardahl products and that list of companies comprises of who’s who of world renowned names.

Today, Bardahl’s presence is felt across the Asia Pacific region in countries such as Singapore, Korea, China, Japan, Philippines, Russia, Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Australia, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Fiji, Samoa and Angola, Africa.

Bardahl is a trusted name that has earned respect around the world for more than 70 years. It is definitely a company that will continue to build and enhance that reputation for many years to come.

Bardahl, A World Without Friction