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map Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation is headquartered in Seattle, Washington where Mr. Ole Bardahl founded the company in 1939 with a rich history that spans over 75 years. In addition to the primary blending and manufacturing facilities located in Seattle and Belgium, Bardahl has more than 7 licensed blending and packaging facilities spread around the world and are located in Holland, Italy, Spain, Canada, Singapore, Brazil and Argentina.

Bardahl products are sold worldwide through our distribution network in over 80 countries in North America, the European Union, Asia, Central and South America, and Africa. This vast network of manufacturing and distribution facilities assures full accessibility to the complete range of Bardahl products and services.

The Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation and all its affiliates still follow the philosophy of producing the finest quality products available in the lubrication and additive marketplace. Bardahl continues to be the undisputed leader with innovative and technologically advanced products. Scientific research and the chemists in Bardahl’s in house laboratories constantly improve and update Bardahl formulas, keeping the products one step ahead of the competition. For decades it has always been Bardahl’s goal to maintain technological advances in the field of additives and specialty lubricants.

Our history demonstrates over seventy years of commitment to producing the best quality products in the marketplace using only the finest ingredients. We put a large emphasis on customer support, quality control, testing and innovation. These high standards continue to win the recognition and endorsement of the automotive community worldwide. Today, Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation has evolved from a small, one-product company to a large worldwide organisation which sells over four hundred different products, packaged in more than 16 languages and marketed in over 80 countries around the world. We continue to produce quality products that meet and exceed automobile, industrial and OEM specifications worldwide such as BMW, VOLVO, Cummins, Daimler, NMMA, Detroit Diesel, MAN, JALOS, NSF, API and many more.

Bardahl, A World Without Friction.