Complete Fuel System Cleaner


Complete Fuel System Cleaner

Fuel system deposits are the #1 cause of drivability issues in all types of modern gasoline powered vehicles. The deposits that form in fuel injectors, on intake valves and in the combustion chambers contribute to poor starting, poor idle, hesitation when accelerating, reduced fuel economy and increased exhaust emissions. These deposits gradually build-up over time and slowly reduce the efficiency of the vehicles fuel system. The rate of buildup of these deposits is affected by fuel quality, amount of fuel system detergent in the fuel, driving conditions and other factors. The most effective way to restore the power, performance and fuel economy of any gasoline powered vehicle is to regularly use a premium fuel system detergent like Ultra Concentrated Complete Fuel System Cleaner.

Product Description

Key Features

  • Rapidly and efficiently cleans the entire fuel system in only one tank of fuel
  • Removes not only injector and intake valve deposits but also cleans up combustion chamber deposits
  • Cleans up even the hard to remove deposits found in latest generation gasoline direct injection (GDI/DIG) engines
  • Effective in all types of gasoline fuel injectors

Product Description



PRODUCT TYPE: Fuel Additive

RECOMMENDED USE: Use every 5,000 km


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