Glycool Prediluted

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Glycool Prediluted

Product Type

Glycool Prediluted (50%) Longlife Anti-freeze Coolant

Product Description

Key Features

  • Premium quality ethylene glycol based antifreeze/coolant suitable for all general aftermarket servicing of vehicles (gasoline or diesel), and for industrial internal combustion engines
  • Long service life of 5 years or 100,000km in well-maintained engine cooling circuit
  • Prevents winter freezing and summer boil over
  • Outstanding hot aluminium surface protection
  • Effective multi-metals protection
  • Compatible with all conventional radiator coolants
  • Available either in Concentrate solution or as Pre-diluted 50% product

Approvals / Credentials

  1. ASTM D3306
  2. ASTM D4985
  3. BS 6580
  4. GM 1825M
  5. GM 1899M
  6. JIS K 2234




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